Let's Get It Right.

Right Size San Marco is a growing coalition of over 750 residents, families, and local business owners desiring responsible, smart, growth in San Marco. We welcome new opportunities coming to our area. But we also know rapid development and dramatically increasing the population density puts stress on any community.

With so many developments already underway at San Marco Crossing, San Marco Promenade, and East San Marco, Right Size San Marco believes we should fully assess the impacts these projects will have on our growing community before any additional development projects are considered.

Unsustainable growth goes against the fabric of any community. Let’s get it right so more families and businesses can continue to live, work, and experience the American Dream here in San Marco.

What's at Stake?

New development, like those already underway, will certainly improve San Marco with the addition of a Publix, new retail shops and restaurants, and revitalizing neglected lots. However, newfound challenges will also be created – the extent of which remain unknown until these projects are completed. Without realizing their full impacts, proceeding with any new growth projects would only put San Marco at risk of compounding issues like:


Is San Marco currently equipped to support all of the new projects that are currently in place, and particularly, all of the new attention – and unknowns it brings – to such a small, historic community?

Traffic Congestion

Studies conducted have already documented traffic congestion problems, speeding, and neighborhood cut-throughs that present a danger to pedestrians and pets. How much more problematic will traffic become with nearly 1,000 new apartment residences and retail shops in such close proximity to one another?

Character Lost

San Marco's inherent character is what attracts families and businesses to the area. With so many new, large apartment complexes being built, to what extent will it transform the charm and character of San Marco or transform the Square from unique boutiques and restaurants to national chains?

Lower Property Values

Many studies have confirmed that too many rentals in a neighborhood can have a negative effect on single-family home values. To what extent will all the new apartment buildings impact not just home values but also local tax revenue to maintain this new growth?

Lost Privacy and Views

The introduction of new, high-rise apartment buildings will provide views into homeowners’ back yards as well as obstruct views currently homeowners currently enjoy of the area.

Diminished Green Space

San Marco’s parks are an asset to our community, enjoyed by so many residents, children, and pets. Increasing the population density in such a small proximity will reduce the green space we enjoy.

Quality of Life

New and current development will create more navigational challenges and growing pains while projects are being built.